Valuable Startup Lesson By A Duck And Tiger. Thanks Anand Mahindra

There is little that nature cannot teach you. And this was proven once again by a viral video featuring a tiger and a duck that has been doing the rounds on the Internet. The video was shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra on Twitter, and he said that it was an important tool to help understand some nuances of business. The Chairman of Mahindra Group shared the footage in which both the tiger and the duck are in a small water body. The video, shot from above, shows the big cat going around in circles in the pond, in an attempt to catch the duck. But the duck manages to evade the tiger’s repeated attempts to capture it by disappearing underwater just as the tiger makes an effort to pounce on it.

Sharing the video, Mr Mahindra added a note that read, “This explains—better than any management lecture—the advantages in the business of being small, nimble and quick-witted. That’s why large companies need to carve out startup teams and startup cultures within themselves in order to pursue new opportunities.” The clip, originally shared by the Twitter page Overtime, has recorded over 4.1 million views so far.

Mr Mahindra’s tweet gave rise to a spirited discussion on the subject among social media users. Replying to the post, one user spoke about the relevance of the environment one works in and how it played a pivotal role in productivity. “The duck has a distinct advantage in the water, I don’t think it’ll be nimble and quick on land,” he pointed out.

On a similar note, another wrote, “Additionally, it is “operating environment” that matters.”

But doesn’t the “bigger” entity always win, one user asked Mr Mahindra. “Assuming both are in an enclosed space (read market), it’s almost inevitable for the big one to eat the small one,” he wrote.

Some users also pointed out that it was the perfect motivation to start the day.